"Stay-Cationing" at The Radisson Blu Sandton

Last weekend I was treated to a weekend "away" at the Radisson Blu Sandton. I say "away" In inverted commas because this stunning hotel is only 20 minutes away from my home and even though I never got out of the city, it was the perfect way for me to relax, rest and recharge myself for this last stretch of the year.

I can't tell you how much this staycation was needed for my soul. This year has been a stressful one with all my work demands, family and social responsibilities and being sick for 3 months of the year. The end of 2019 is fast approaching and I can't stress how necessary it is to take some time for yourself and reflect on what the year has been and what you need to get yourself through the rest of it.

I checked into the Radisson Blu Sandton on a busy Friday after a 5-hour return trip from Swaziland for work. Check-in was effortless and the staff were so friendly. The hassle-free experience was such a relief after a long day of traveling in this heat.

I walked into the room, and it was like looking at a page in my vision board journal (yes I have one of those - manifest! manifest! manifest!). With a wall that separates the dining room and lounge area, a view in the lounge that gives you a 90-degree angle view of Sandton. I arrived as the sun was setting so you can imagine the beauty I witnessed. I walked around the corner to the main bedroom with more stunning views of Sandton, a massive bed and a fabulous bathroom with a bath that I just wanted to melt into. After settling in, we decided to go and have a drink on the pool deck. The setting was blissful. I know I've gone on about views a lot already, but how can I not? There was a full moon glistening over Sandton City. What can I say? - I'm a sucker for full moon city views..

What's better than breakfast in bed? Dinner in a Radisson Blu Hotel bed. After the day I had, I just wanted to crawl into bed. Which is exactly what I did. We ordered the risotto, fried chicken AND the bruschetta. Also ordered a sneaky little cocktail or two ;) my eyes were most definitely bigger than my tummy as I was so full but couldn't help but indulge in all this delicious food😍

The next morning I enjoyed sleeping in and made my way down to breakfast. thank heavens I had a good night's rest to prep myself for the marathon that was breakfast. From A "make-your-own omelette station" to muffins and croissants. If you craved it - you got it. I don't have kids but I found the kiddies breakfast bar the sweetest! I started my day off with fruit, croissants, and my ultimate favorite breakfast - flapjacks, syrup, and bacon.

Following a scrumptious breakfast, we went back to the hotel room to relax a little and let our tummies settle. We made our way down to the hotel pool and ordered some drinks, a sheesha and soaked up the sun. There's something about having your skin feel the warmth of the African sun, amid Sandton that just relaxes your soul. We were still so incredibly full from breakfast so we decided to skip lunch and continue laying by the pool

Once the sun started to disappear, we went back to the room to shower and get changed for dinner. Normally I wouldn't do a full face of makeup and get all dolled up for a dinner at a hotel restaurant, but the divine and romantic setting of the restaurant meant I had to dress up for the occasion.

After getting dressed up pretty we made our way to the Vivace restaurant for dinner. I ordered the most delicious lamb shank and my partner ordered more chicken as he enjoyed the chicken from the previous night so much. The presentation of the food was impeccable. My lamb shank was perfectly cooked and paired with the most delicious 'melt in your mouth' mash potato. We were seated next to the window, as we enjoyed yet another stunning view of Sandton City. Even though the main was were incredibly filling, we could not miss out on ordering dessert. Based on the delicious main course, we knew the dessert was not to be missed so we put on our "big girl panties" and ordered the chocolate fondant and rice pudding. It was most definitely worth it.

After a long day of relishing in delicious food and soaking up the summer sun. It was so bittersweet knowing we were leaving the next day. I stayed up for a while after getting back to the hotel room and just lay with the curtains open watching the full moon glow over the Johannesburg night skyline. We climbed into our comfy hotel bed and fell quickly to sleep.

The next morning we fitted in a gym session at the Planet Fitness Platinum Club in Sandton which as a hotel guest, you get complimentary access. We needed this gym session to wipe away some of the guilt of all the decadent calories we consumed all weekend. What a state of the art gym with all the latest technology. I especially loved the bathrooms. I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to take a sneaky gym-bathroom selfie. After our gym session, we enjoyed a small healthy breakfast at the Vivace hotel and reluctantly checked out.

The weekend at the Radisson Blu hotel was lovely and luxurious. The staff were so pleasant and willing to help. The hotel is gorgeous, huge and state of the art. As mentioned many times before, the hotel has views from all angles in all areas of the hotel which is a perk that makes it such a spectacular hotel. Our room was exquisite especially paired with mountains of room service. I would highly recommend taking a night or two to stay at this hotel. It will replenish you and give you the rest you need without the hassle of leaving the city. If you don't have the luxury of staying at the hotel I would most definitely recommend enjoying a dinner at the Vivace to enjoy their new spring/summer menu. I will take any opportunity I can, to return to the Radisson Blu Sandton or any Radisson hotel for that matter.

This staycation presented itself at the perfect time in my life. I was reaching burnout and needed a break. I have been given all I need by the Radisson Blu Sandton to get me through the last stretch of this year. The next activity on my agenda is to book a day in the spa but I am happy to say that I don't feel like I need it just yet so I will save that booking for when I need it most. My life is pretty mad and chaotic so I wouldn't be surprised if I need that spa day sooner than later.

If you would like more information on the Radisson Blu Sandton please see their information below:

Facebook: @Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton






For reservations and more information visit, www.radissonblu.com.

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