WATERL<SS - Dry Shampoo: The Redhead Elixir

If you know me, you will understand the measures I will go to, to keep my hair as red and vibrant as possible, for as long as possible. Luckily WATERL<SSWaterless expects less from me and are here to make my life as a redhead a little bit easier.

As a redhead, you have to wash your hair as little as possible, because with every wash, you are sacrificing a little bit of your vibrancy as a little bit of your colour circles the drain every time you wash or expose it to water.

I have been using Cape Town Dry Shampoo brand; "Waterless" in between washes and my crush is turning into a full blown love affair.

The products I have been playing with are "Invisibly Clean" Dry Shampoo, 3 Mini Instant Odor Detox's and my favourite "Whipped Clean".

This brand was created in response to the Cape Town water crisis because we all know how much water a hair wash can take. Please see a description of the products below:

The WATERL<SS Dry Shampoo is so easy to use, leaves no residue, refreshes your hair instantly and enables you to get WOW hair without the need for washing it. There are no rules with this Dry Shampoo. You can use as much as you want and whenever you feel the need to!

The WATERL<SS Foam Dry Shampoo (Also known as "Whipped Clean" is lightweight, disappears in the hand after application and instantly revives your hair so you're ready to transition into the next thing in your day. What's more? It features breakthrough fragrance technology that enables long lasting reactivating scent. All you have to do is run your hand through your hair a couple of hours after use and you'll get a fragrance burst.

WATERL<SS unique hair refresher is hair perfume with benefits! First of all, it's alcohol free which means you can use it as many times as you want during the day. Secondly, it transforms unpleasant smells instantly like sweat, food smell, Tobacco or others into freshness while providing a long lasting reactivating scent. Finally, it goes beyond the call of duty to control your frizz and get rid of static in your hair. They have made it small but mighty so that you can take it with you whenever you want and use whenever you need to!

There are two of their products that I still haven't tried yet and are they are their Dry CONDITIONERS (Revolutionary right?) I loved the Dry Shampoos and Hair Refreshers so much, I had to get my hands on the Dry Conditioners so of course, I made an order. Once I have received my delivery and have extensive experience with this stunning brand and their delicious smelling products I will be sure to do more Instagram and Blogposts for you.

For more information on WATERL<SS please go to their stunning website http://www.waterlesshaircare.com or follow them on Instagram at @waterlesshaircare. You can purchase these products at select Clicks stores or online at www.clicks.co.za/waterless.

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