A Night of Painting The Town with Chicago, The Musical.

On 26 April I was lucky enough to be invited by Showtime Management to attend the Opening Night of Chicago, The Musical at The Teatro Montecasino.

Chicago, both the movie and theatre production are a favourite. I must have been a cabaret dancer in a previous life because there's something about the music, costumes, the make-up and dancing that takes me back to place I've never been before, but recognise so clearly.

Leading up to the opening night event of Chicago, The Musical, the anticipation built as I followed, on social media, the all-South African cast travel to China, and back to Cape Town. Chicago arrived in Johannesburg and shortly became the talk of the town.

Weeks leading upto the event I planned my outfit, my hair and nails. I booked strategic appointments around this stunning affair. I guess that little cabaret dancer in me wanted to play dress up for a night.

Finally, the night arrived. My hair done wavy, my make up matched the theme with a wing and red lip (Ofcourse). Dressed in a black skirt, stockings, lace and a burgundy coat. If I felt any more Jazzy, I may have jumped on stage and joined the "All That Jazz" ensemble.

Arriving in the foyer, so many familiar faces filled the room. From friends of my own, to industry professionals and critiques. One of my own conversations entailed discussing the hype of the show, and if it would meet the expectation built (To avoid anymore anticipation built - it didn't only meet the expectations, It exceeded them all beyond belief).

The theatre doors closed, and the production was introduced. From that moment on I was besotted, in awe, emotional, on the edge of my seat, excited, intrigued, blown away and most importantly star struck.

Every bit of choreography was on point - the lights matched each move and step down to the tea. It was true perfection. The dancers were completely synchronised and so so sharp. I was obsessed with the how the singers used their vocals and played with their technique.

I wish I knew all the theatre "lingo" but I am just a singer and dancer, who loves theatre, jazz and this production. Even if you aren't like me, I still think you will absolutely adore this show. You will also be left inspired. Shows like this remind me of maybe why I feel I was born in the wrong era, but thanks to shows and productions like this, that can execute every essence of what Chicago, The Musical is, as well as the era it lives in, that in can take you right from 2019 straight into the 20s so you can play make believe for a bit.

I loved each character, voice, song, dance, move, costume, light effect and vocal effect. The band and their involvement and interaction with the crowd. I loved every second of it and never wanted it to end. I will be watching Chicago, before it leaves us again, and I really think you should take the time to watch it too. It is a "not to be missed" opportunity.

If you are looking to buy tickets, please ONLY purchase them Computicket at from https://online.computicket.com/web/event/chicago_the_musical/1232477187/0/88161934 It is only running until next week Sunday, 26 May 2019 at The Teatro Montecasino. (Please don't purchase tickets anywhere-else, I can't stress this enough!).

If you have no idea what Chicago, The Musical is or what I have been going on about. Please go to https://chicago.showtime.co.za or here's a video for a sneak peak.

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