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As the year comes to a close, we need all the help we can get to push us through this last stretch. Energy levels are low, the motivation to stay active and on top of things isn't as prominent and we are just in the mood to lay on the couch and wait for the year to be over.

Unfortunately for me, this time of the year is busiest for myself and the industry I work in. Between attending events and working events, I don't really get the opportunity to wind and slow down. This past weekend I worked on the biggest event of my career, never mind the year. At first I was working the Guns N' Roses tour and immediately switched over to Global Citizen.

I knew how hectic these last few weeks of the year were going to be, with my energy feeling depleted, I knew I would need a massive boost to get me through. Luckily I was invited by Reviv Wellness for an IV Infusion and Booster Shot. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

On arrival, I was welcomed by REVIV CEO Sayed Muhiuddin Mia. The IV wellness centre is located in the heart of Sandton, in Nelson Mandela Square. The space is clean, modern and sleek. With rooms designed to be lounges for you to relax comfortably while getting your IV treatment.

The service was fantastic, and the nurse was so wonderful. I was quite nervous about the needle but I was relieved to barely feel a thing. The only thing I did feel was the cold liquid entering my bloodstream which was pretty weird but it didn't bother me.

While I was waiting for my IV drip to be finished (which wasn't too long because apparently my body was drinking the stuff like juice - maybe I really needed it). Sayed spoke to me about the incredible benefits of the different IV infusions and booster shots. He also briefly mentioned the international and local stars who insist on coming to REVIV when they are in town because of the incredible benefits. Guests included everyone from French Montana to Kahn from the Parlotones. I felt reassured by the fact that if it works for them and their intense lifestyles, it has to work for me!

The IV infusion, I was blessed with was the Royal Flush Deluxe IV therapy. It is the ultimate IV experience combining the benefits of most of the IVs REVIV has to offer (Ultraviv, Megaboost and Vitaglow).

This IV has the ability to:

- Restore Hydration

- Replenishes Essential Minerals & Vitamins,

- Boosts your Immune System,

- Decrease Inflammation

- Relieves Pain and Nausea

- Delivers an Energy Boost

- Detoxifies Your Body

- Cleanses Vital Organs

On top of this, Sayed treated me to a Slim Boost Shot (He had me at Slim Boost). This shot burnt a little, but nothing I couldn't manage. It is meant to:

- Raise your metabolism,

- Burn Fat,

- Detoxifies the Body

- Augments Red Blood Cell Production

- Helps Regulate Sleep,

- Mood and Appetite Cycles

- Boosts Immune System

- Enhances Metabolism to Promote Natural Weight Loss

*Please note that this shot is only to assist in weight loss goals.

Overall, I have no idea how I would've coped without this IV infusion and Booster Shot. For the

weekend of Global Citizen I walked a minimum of 80 000 Steps, 52kms, and burnt a minimum of 10 000 calories. One day I even worked a 19 hour day and ;et's not even get started on the mental capacity required for the intensity of such an event. I needed to be alert, versatile and quick thinking. I usually cope with my work load, but this time of year is harder for me to keep up and I truly believe this treatment gave me what I needed to be at the top of my game. I also have a million other things going on, so I also needed to recover very quickly from the weekend that was Global Citizen.

If you are feeling rundown, as if you are getting sick, in need of an energy boost or even if you have a hangover that you need a quick recovery from REVIV definitely have a solution for you with their menu of IV infusions and Booster Shots. The staff are lovely and the experience is relaxing and comfortable.

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