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Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Bloggers Evening at MOYO Zoo Lake, with one of my special humans - Tazz Adams (Bonafide Blog)

Walking up to the restaurant, romanticism was in the air. The fairy lights amongst the trees, and the rustic African design set an entire mood.

We were seated at a table of the most lovely people, brought together by good food and even better conversation. The starter arrived and I was in my element.

The first course included:

Limpopo Chicken salad, Maize crumbed shrimp and an Egyptian vegetarian salad.

My favourite dish was the Maize Crumbed Shrimp (and I'm not even the biggest seafood eater). It must have had something to do with the Harrissa Mayonaise it came with, and the African flavour of the Maize. The combination was simply delicious.

The Limpopo Chicken Salad was also a treat, as the flavours of the strawberries, chicken and feta cheese complimented each other so well, my taste buds were dancing.

In between starters and mains, we enjoyed conversations on the topic of life, and choosing a career that allows you to immerse yourself in your passion. It was so lovely to share a meal with people that had the same view on life. The owner Mariaan Burger and the marketing director Innes Linder, started to tell us the story of their journey with Moyo, and as they spoke with a sparkle in their eye, you could see their love for their restaurant, and how they called it home. One thing that stood out to me, was not only that they addressed every person who served us by name, but how they did it - as if they were truly a family. It was so special.

​The Main course arrived and my taste buds were starting to dance again.

The main course included:

The Nigerian Meat Kebab, a 3 Bean Curry Potjie, a Seafood Samp Paella Potjie, and Nhopi Dovi & African spinach.

The Nigerian Meat Kebab was my dish of choice. venison, chicken and sirloin were served on a pumpkin fritter and it was everything and more. I just kept re-dishing up more. The food was all served in a "Tapas" style, which was ideal as we could get to taste a little bit of everything, without having to over-eat, but due to the tastiness of this dish I did in fact over-indulge (based on the pictures - can you blame me?)

Ah now for dessert - and if you know me, my motto in life is "Imagine all the women on the titanic who skipped dessert". I am not willing to take that risk in life. I always have a whole other stomach for dessert.

MOYO​ choice of dessert for the evening was a Red Velvet Beetroot Cheesecake and a Flaming Cape Malva Pudding. If I wasn't sold before that MOYO and I were soulmates, I was now by their choice of desserts for the evening. The Red Velvet Beetroot cheese cake was the perfect combination of mousse and creamy served on a layer of crunchy chocolate crumble and strawberries. MOYO got the textures just right and don't even get me started on the flavours. I did also enjoy the Flaming Cape Malva Pudding - I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good Malva especially, in the way that MOYO has perfected it - but the Red Velvet Beetroot Cheese Cake stole my heart and I have no doubt it will steal yours.

Before this evening, I thought of MOYO as a destination to bring my friends from abroad to experience the real taste of Africa, which I will definitely continue to do, however it is the perfect setting for a family Sunday lunch, or a romantic dinner date.

At the moment I am on a journey of really taking the time to love myself, and I can't wait to take myself on a date, and return to MOYO. I will bring a book, and book a table for 17:00 that overlooks the lake at sunset. Best believe I order that Red Velvet Cheesecake. Maybe you would like to join me?

Did I mention they have Bottomless Bubbly on Saturdays and Sundays?

For more information on MOYO Zoo Lake, please go to their website

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