Ryki's Revolution

Ryki has changed direction, and here are my thoughts.

In 2015, I heard the first of songstress Ryki with her feature on Kyle Watson's "Such a Mess". I remember getting a gut feeling that she would be a massive success and I couldn't be more right.

Ryki released her debut album last year, which was a definite favourite for me, and then she went quiet for a while.

In January, she started to reveal her music revolution and how she was changing direction. This left me very intrigued, to see where her music would be going now.

A week ago she released "Money" and I was pretty surprised with her new direction, and not because I didn't expect this type of music from her, but because this is exactly the way I thought her past releases were going. When I heard she was making a massive change in direction, I thought it would be a less obvious route. Maybe a deep house vibe, or maybe completely alternative? I wasn't sure.

I think I have always heard this side of her and these influences in her music. I never considered her previous releases entirely pop. I loved her edge, and became selfishly concerned, when I heard she was changing genres. I didn't want her to lose the edge I loved. However, I am not disappointed at all and this track is bad ass.

The track gets me motivated in the gym and It's exactly the song I would want to dance to in the club. I do however, wish her stunning vocals came through a bit more.

I saw her explanation of the track, and I like that her intentions were rather about a woman upgrading herself, than a diss track.

I'm really interested to see how radio will react to this track. I am not sure our commercial music industry saw this coming, and I love that. Good on you for owning your career and paving the way for all the boss-bad ass bitches out there.

You can listen to Ryki's "Money" (feat. K.O.) here; https://umgafrica.lnk.to/Money

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