Eva Pro: My Cherry Red Secret Weapon

If you struggle with growing your hair, keeping it healthy and maintaining the colour then you NEED to read this article about my secret weapon.

I love my red hair. It is what I am becoming known for and It allows me to express myself truly. However, due to the fading to dullness of colour, the expensive and continuous swapping of salons, and the extreme hair damage - I nearly gave up. Luckily my love affair with my red could continue after I found Chantelle and Eva Professional.

These are the simple steps I take to having long-lasting, vibrant, bright, red hair WITHOUT the guilt or damage:

Step 1: Find Eva Pro and Eva Professional *

After empty promises, wasted money and salon hopping. Chantelle and Eva Professional had finally given me a VIBRANT AF Cherry red that honestly never fades, is healthy, and strong. Eva Professional is also the only salon who has been able to get the EXACT colour I have been longing for. Eva Professional is also a brand that has been running since 1922, values environmental sustainability, uses natural ingredients and wait for it.... DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS.

Step 2: DIVINA Pure - Chemical and Cruelty Free Permanent Hair Colour

Chantelle uses DIVINA Pure on my hair. It is a permanent hair colour that is natural, ammonia free, paraben free, fragrance free and silicone free. This product is known for strengthening and protecting the hair, boosting colour, and rebuilding mistreated hair. This is the product fully responsible for my bright AF, traffic stopping RED. My hair is not damaged and I have yet to see the colour or vibrancy fade. Did I mention that it is guilt-free because no animals were harmed, and neither was the environment?

Step 3: Treat - Ritualities

I must be honest, I used to skip hair treatments, mostly because I never really believed it's value. I thought it was all lies, and that if the hair was damaged you needed to just chop it off (Hence why my hair never grew past a certain point). But boy was I wrong. Eventhough Eva's DIVINA Pure is as natural and chemical free as possible, the hair gets hurt a little bit. Your hair also gets damaged from day to day activities like using the wrong shampoo (Sulphates), exposure to the sun, and styling your hair with heat. The hair really suffers so it is VITAL that you treat your hair - I have learnt my lesson.

In treating my hair, Chantelle is currently using Ritualities. Ritualities restores the balance in the hair's protein. I have only been using Ritualities for a little bit. But my hair already feels thicker, stronger, and more "luscious" . And I know, I am saying the words that all shampoo and conditioner ads use, but honestly, this is how my hair truly feels. My hair isn't rough, or dry. It is soft, silky and shiny. It even feels like I have more length and body.

You begin your Ritualities treatment in the salon. And then you can purchase the at-home maintenance pack which just takes the treatment to the next level and helps you maintain the treatment .

What Can Eva Pro Do For You?

Eva Pro have products for all your hair needs. If you want longer hair or your hair is thinning-They have Capilo. If you battle with split-ends they have the Control Ends Treatment, and If you are looking to tame the frizz they have a stunning Brazilian blow-wave. The list goes on forever. It also doesn't stop at women. Men are welcome too. I have no doubt they will have something for you.

Yes, I fell in love with Eva Pro because they could get the results I so desperately desired, but to find out they are cruelty free, and environmentally sustainable made me fall even more madly in love.

Chantelle has researched and travelled to find this international, leader in hair products. Trust me, when I say that you can trust her with your hair. And if you don't trust it all yet. My red hair can speak for itself.

*DISCLAIMER: If coming to Eva Pro makes you feel like you are cheating on your hair dresser, your salon can contact Chantelle to get the Eva Professional products to apply on your hair, and become distributors.

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For More Information Go to www.EvaProfessional.co.za

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