Thomas Sabo: I'm a Rebelle, what are you?

More than a week has passed since Thomas Sabo hosted a fabulous event to launch their new collection and I must admit, I am still obsessed! Since I was involved in the creation of the event, I will only be discussing the jewellery - I don't want to be biased and bragging about how amazing I thought the event was (Eventhough, I'm sure many would agree ;)). ​

Mr Sabo has outdone himself again. I am not the biggest jewellery wearer, but I mean it when I say Thomas Sabo is made for me, and probably you too.

The new collection introduces beautiful new pieces, staying true to the intricacy and detail Thomas Sabo is known for. Some of the new pieces I am obsessed with are the snakes and the parrot.

However, let's get down to the real reason we were all at the event - The relaunch and reinvention of Thomas Sabo's Charm Club. Now allowing everyone to express their personality and be apart of Generation Charm Club - from the edgiest to the sweetest. For example, Thomas Sabo's iconic Rebel at Heart collection is my favourite of the brand, which has now joined the Charm Club for the first time with charms of the "Vintage Rebel". Charm Club doesn't have to only be worn on a bracelet, it can also be worn with the latest necklace layering trend.

Thomas Sabo's jewellery is almost as beautiful as their models (See attached pics for reference), and their stunning ambassadors Zuraida Jardine, Chris Jaftha, Danine Naidoo and Gina Myers. Each representing the brand perfectly and showing how it represents them.

Do yourself a favour and just pop into the Thomas Sabo store in Sandton or Menlyn, just to see these pieces in person. Whether you are a necklace person, or even a watch person. I have no doubt you will fall in love. If you like colour or not, snakes or feathers, skulls or crosses, simple or intricate. Thomas Sabo now have something for everyone. Even If you aren't really a jewellery consumer like me, after seeing this collection, I have no doubt that you will be.

Please go to for more information or;​

*Disclaimer: This is a platform of my expression, not claiming to be a journal article. Spelling and Grammar are not my strong suit, so please don't call the grammar police.

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