The Garden Venue: Spoils and Surprises

I was lucky enough to be invited for a night of Spoils at The Garden Venue.

I arrived at the GORGEOUS, boutique hotel and venue. Welcomed by fellow media and blogger friends, with some delicious tequila sunrises. I had a few - shhh don't tell.

I was escorted to my room with a big wooden mystery box.

Also, sitting on my bed was a lovely hamper, waiting for me.

In all the excitement I first opened my mystery wooden box. In there, was the most delicious smelling coffee beans, an espresso cup , Woolworths choc swirl biscuits, and some flaxseed oil.

How did they know that these were some of my favourite things? The fun continued with my hamper having Lindt chocolate (yum), biltong and vanilla and pomegranate sparkling wine.

The fun did not stop here. There were more surprises. (The control freak in me, was freaking out).

We all gathered around for drinks and some laughs, listening to the talented Christian Heath serenade us. Starters were served. The most delicious prawn cocktail. For mains, we were blessed with a delicious lamp shank with the creamiest potato bake.

Now, as Im getting ready for dessert (The ONLY meal that matters). I am told to get up, and follow the leader outside. My anxiety spikes. "where are we going?", "Am I going to be warm enough?" Are we going on a hike". My nerves were put to rest when the destination was only 50 metres outside. Now I am just confused (I really should be more patient). Popcorn, Chocolates, Sweets aaaaand..... Creme Brûlée. My Favourite. Now if, I didn't think already, that this night was set up for me personally... I turn around and Grease the outdoor movie of the night. What fun was had. A little tipsy on tequila sunrises, creme brûlée and singing along to ALL the words of Grease.

It honestly was such a special evening. Spent with the most amazing company. I swear I should've been born in a musical or at least the 1950's. Ahhhh Danny Zuko. The love of my life.

I had an early-ish night, but I slept like a baby. I got to see a few of the other guests rooms, and it truly is a beautiful hotel. Breakfast the next morning was delicious. The Wedding venue was exquisite. With the koi pond surrounding the isle.

I had such a splendid time. So much attention to detail, and all my favourite elements incorporated. If you are ever looking for a quick escape from the city, this is the place to go.

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