A Date with Women Empowerment.

Last night I had the pleasure of celebrating Nicole Capper's birthday - our new Mrs South Africa. The evening was hosted at Gimelli in Bryanston and what a wonderful evening it was. The night consisted of a bunch of ladies getting together to eat, drink and celebrate her. The guests were a mixture of Mrs 2017 finalists, the Mrs SA team, sponsors and Nicole’s friends and family. The theme was women empowerment through and through! And not the “compliment their dress, and not mean it", kind of empowerment, but the kind where you truly recognize the women around you - authentically. Beauty pageant queens as well as the institution, have a reputation for superficiality and only being about beauty on the outside. This is definitely not the case with Nicole Capper, or the previous Mrs SA winners that I have come to know. If you have ever had your reservations about pageants, an interaction with the Mrs SA team will surely change your thoughts. I had multiple conversations with different type of women throughout the evening. From Nicole, and her friends, to Mrs SA contestants and it was so incredible to see career driven women, who still have family’s to look after and they are still capable of truly loving the women around them.

Nicole's friends truly adore her, and Nicole is honestly so humble and down to earth. She speaks of women having confidence and bravery. Which are key to a woman who is chasing her dreams.

The food was honestly incredible, the restaurant is gorgeous, and the owner is the most lovely man. It was so wonderful to learn about his story, which is amazing, and the role Nicole and her family played in it.

Overall it was such a special evening. The women spoke of their struggles and celebrated each other successes. It is so incredible to know that women are finally growing together, and in such an amazing direction.

So, Yes! The Future is Female.

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